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Navajo Ranch

Navajo Ranch Homeowner's Association

About Us

Brief History 

The Navajo Ranch development began in 1972 and consists of five (5) filings, 1 through 5, consisting of approximately 3000 acres and 600 lots. Presently there are approximately 260 permanent residents.

       The Navajo Ranch Homeowner’s Association (NRHOA) was formed in approximately 1974. Membership in the HOA requires lot ownership within the boundaries of Navajo Ranch and is voluntary. A sister non-profit Association was formed at a later date, that being the Navajo Ranch Community Association. The Community Association is the owner of Lot 13, located at the corner of CR510 and Navajo Rd. This site will be the future location of a Community Center building, to serve all residents of Navajo Ranch.

Filings 1 through 4 are now known as: NAVAJO RANCH WEST (entrance approx 3 miles west on CR 510)

Filing 5 is now known as: NAVAJO RANCH EAST (borders highway 160 and extends west to Buffalo Dr N)

Officers of  the Association consist of a four (4) member Board of elected officers consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and as many as three (3) additional Board Members, elected or appointed.

Mission Statement

To promote the common good and general welfare of Navajo Ranch, with the following goals set forth;
Act on improvement opportunities to maintain the common elements, protect and preserve the natural environment of the area, enforce any and all covenants and or restrictions, improve and monitor the maintenance of roads and parking areas, act within the laws without bias or prejudice, work toward the enhancement of safety and habitability of all properties within and bring about civic betterment and social improvements.