Architectural Review

Architectural Review

Any construction, structural change or modifications to an existing structure, proposed in any filing of Navajo Ranch requires review and approval of the Architectural Review Committee, in addition to any other requirements by the State and Huerfano County. Contact one of the following Architectural Review Committee members for a copy of application forms and procedures: 

Randy Wilson, 719-696-4147 (Chairman) 

Email: Email;

Committee Members:

Clyde Burrows

Frank Pierce

Marlene Sassaman

Cheryl Locke

Contact any of the above listed people to request a permit and review form


Architectural Approval Permit Form

Architectural Approval Permit Form Additions Modifications

Explanation of Navajo Ranch ARC Building Application

New Resident Information

Notice to Residents, Realtors, and Property Buyers

Building Application and Permit

Architectural Control Application

Architectural Control Committee Protocol

Architecture Control Committee Members

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